Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dumbass Australians

   While the fucking displaced limeys of Australia are concerned about the "bikeys" that are allegedly a terrible terrible threat to the lazy fucked up basically useless way of life that is peculiar to the Australians... the Muslims are gathering by the thousands in the streets and turning the place into a riot-fest sewer of camel shit and a rallying point for that idiot Allah and his assfucking faggot prophet who never prophesied anything, Mofuckmed. some asshole bureaucrat, being all pompous and self righteous was spluttering to the news cameras, "(huff huff) this you know is not Libya, this is not Iraq, this is not Egypt..." and I'm thinking "That's what you think, asshole, you have been letting those sandniggers in by the ton because they claim to be "refugees" from "the bad muslims." THEY'RE ALL BAD MUSLIMS YOU ASSHOLES YOU LET A FUCKING ARMY OF INVADERS IN WITHOUT THEM FIRING A SHOT YOU STUPID OZZY TWITS!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NOW THEY'RE CLAIMING THEIR NEW TERRITORY!!
   Naturally, the Australians, being a bunch of fairy Britisher uppitty hoity toities they are all unarmed and, oh dear, guns are so uncivilized dont you know, oh dear, have some tea wont you? Dumbasses. Typical naive idiot white people, thinking they can step away from their destiny as the rulers of mankind and not get stomped as soon as they do.


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