Friday, September 21, 2012

The Upcoming Military Coup

   If the nigger in chief does not lose office there will be a military coup. It is inevitable and is the norm in fascist countries. America is a fascist country. Most Democrats think it is a communist country and most republicans think it is a "democracy" whatever the fuck that is, but America is a fascist country if you define fascism the way it is defined; government control but not ownership of the "means of production." Which would be you.
   Now, Obama himself could never take over the government. He is trying but the entire military war machine of America cannot stand him and his "commander in chief" status is only in place because the American war machine has decided to allow it to remain in place. If he ordered a military takeover he would be the first one executed by the military he thought he was the commander of.
   But a patriotic American public speaker with the ability to hold an audience could achieve a military coup overnight. Why?...because the military is ready to fight for America, not for Persia, or Europe or Asia or South America or Mexico or Canada or Australia...the American soldier is ready to kill the True Enemy rather than the one assigned to him by the President and by Congress. It's in the air and if Romney wins the election he could rally the military to declare him emperor. which he won't do, it ain't in him, he's not a feeble little faggot psychopath like Obama is. But the time is right. All that is missing is the right leader shrewd and talented enough to see it and then take the reins of power. Because the reins are hanging there, the military is ready to serve a patriot, and God help the enemy the day that happens. They're gonna need it.


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