Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Yard Sale For President

   The nigger in chief - being a nigger - has decided that since the rest of the country is basically niggerized to the max, why not just be honest with them and admit it? And so it is he has declared that his next campaign will be financed via yard sales. This would be funny enough if it was just a gag purportrated by Funny or Die - who would never actually do anything that funny because they are all commies at that place. It would, like I say, be funny-enough if it was a gag or a goof or a skit or a bit or a joke or an improve or a you tube phenom or even a remark. That would be funny enough. But - and here is the good part - it's totally on the level!!!!!! Go into the trash: Take out the aluminum cans that are in it along with the fish heads and the hanky-snot; invert the garbage can and array all this shit upon it; put the whole mess in your front yard like a stupid dumbass Mexican from Pacoima; stand there and sell the shit; take the money and send it to the nigger President of the United States, the commander in chief of the mightiest war machine in human history and the leader of the free world; and feel pretty proud of yourself when you are all done. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


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