Monday, September 24, 2012

Obama's Success With The Masses

   Obama is what is known as a "jive nigger." this is a term created by other jive niggers by the way. this aint just me being feloniously racist and treasonously bigoted and commiting hate crimes. No, not this time.
   A jive nigger is one who can be relaxed even under stressful circumstances - such as, say, surrounded by 20 cops with shotguns pointed at his face and balls and still be nonchalant and calm and glib and casually humorous while caught in the act with an ATM on a chain and the chain in his hands. "Now I know this looks like I was taking an ATM. But what you are seeing is NOT what is going on here. And if i DID take it then i probably had a pretty good reason which I think I can explain to your satisfaction even though I am not really here at all, I am at home watching the Jeffersons so how could I be here stealing an ATM? Nome sane?" In other words its a bred-in ability to calmly lie in a whopping way and be insistent about it and have absolutely no doubt that the lie is being believed. And among the expecially gifted jive niggers the lie WILL be believed. Nigbama is an especially gifted jive nigger.
   Now if romney had a shred of political acumen he would mention this over and over. "Obama is just another jive nigger who didn't just lie his way out of jail he lied his way into the white house." Everyone would immediately understand this and not have a problem with it. Niggers, whitey, we all would agree "Yup, that's about the size of it."
   Never happen though. Not with this generation of frightened back stabbing rats that comprise the definition of "average American" these days.


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