Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Gay Marriage And Christians

      Christians for some reason are convinced that marriage is "holy." "Holy" usually means "evil." Jesus said only God is holy. If this is true then marriage is not holy. In fact a brief examination of just the marriage vows - vows are also evil, according to Jesus - should chase all the participants away. Not only are you taking a vow - evil in itself - you are taking a vow to do things that are impossible. You are agreeing to this. "I promise before my deity to do the impossible or else suffer eternal punishment." People agree to this and in fact call it holy. They think it's all fine, vowing to to the impossible, they have no problem with that.
   What they have a problem with is two people with similar gonads taking an evil vow to do the impossible. This is where the "wait a minutes"'s come in. "These two can't vow to do the impossible, they both have penises for Christ sake!"   I fact, marriage is made for faggots. It's like a ready magnet for things that are fucked up. How it is heterosexuals are involved in marriage at all is where the weirdness comes in, not the fact that fags want to do it. That alone should tell you something is wrong with marriage if fags want to do it so bad. This would fall under the category of "observing what is there." If fags like it it must be fucked up. This is an exercise in simple logic. There is nothing too deeply philosophical about this. If fags are jumping up and down like muslims claiming they demand "marriage rights".....maybe marriage is fucked up, no? Worth a looksee mebbeh? Ya think? No? Too much investment in your notion that marriage is holy, is there? You would have to toss out a lifetime's worth of being fucked up and that's too high a price to pay? Hey, not a problem. You go right ahead, stay fucked up, let me just put your name down here on the fucked-up list so that I steer clear of you so that I don't get more fucked up than I am.


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