Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Right Is The Left Without The Thought Process

      Limbaugh is today railing against the tape of Nigbama saying he is for the redistribution of the wealth. When the Right hears this they jump up and down and scream "Marxism!!" This is bad to the Right; this Marxism business. Even though taxation is redistribution of the wealth. But you can't get that through a Conservative's concrete skull. "Well you HAVE to have taxes!" Well then William F Buckley Jr. Jr. you have to have Marxism. "Oh no, we can't have Marxism! We have to have taxes though!" You see it's hopeless. It's like telling a Catholic that Jesus is not in the bread disk, it's like telling a Muslim that Mohammed was insane and a sociopathic murderer and child molesting homosexual, it's like telling a Scientologist that L Ron was a faggot, jesus-hating devil worshipper, it's like telling an evangelical Christian that the Bible isn't God and that Darwin is get's you nowhere. you have to just walk away and go read a book or watch tv or play Halo or go to a strip club and do something actually productive.


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