Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jessica Cuntba

   Jessica Cuntba, the actress with her brain inside her most recently flushed, crabs-filled, sanitary napkin, is leading the campaign to get all Americans to place their hands over their heathen pagan Muslim hearts and pledge allegiance to A SANDNIGGER!!! And of course that sandnigger would be Obama The Goatfucker. The only thing I would place my hand over on behalf of Obama would be my balls to keep him from sucking on them if he ever got too close. Not that he ever will. Unless he's in his grave and I am standing over it pissing on it. Which I would go out of my way to do.
   Idolatry as the national pastime in America, which began with pledging allegiance to a flag and to a list of rules limiting your liberty to owning but not firing a rifle and to personally choosing your own oppressor rather than him being your ruler by Divine Right of Kings, that idolatry is now just one step short of erecting a gigantic statue of a two headed bull with an erection entering the ass of a child and declaring it to be the creator of the universe. This is assuming the sandnigger is willing to step aside for the statue. Which he might do if he is declared the statue's most perfect creation and lightbringer.
   This is what happens when half the electorate are Aztecs - who are just a tad less heinously savage than Muslims - who swam here illegally from a communist country that they still claim as their homeground and to which they declare their patriotic fury. Welcome to the Last Days. Make them count: go down shooting accurately.


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