Saturday, September 22, 2012

Message To Whitey

   Hey, whitey: this nigger faggot with the really sissy legs owns you. Thanks to that Constitution you worship and are convinced is a fucking work of journalistic and philosophical and quasi-religious genius. He didn't get where he is by armed assault. No, he conquered your dumb ass without firing a shot. Take a good look at the fucker; every times he signs his Muslim name to a piece of paper your life goes farther down the toilet. And once he signs-away your toilet and running water for environmental concerns you're gonna just haffta sit in your shit like his kinsmen in Persian and Africa do. And what made this all possible?....that's right, the fucking Constitution, probably the most oppressive accomplishment by a single roll of paper in history. Now EVERY country has one. How's that world and tomorrow's future lookin' for ya, patriot?


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