Friday, September 14, 2012

Why The Constitution Is A Joke

   Ok, now pay attention, this is going to go against your acquired and entrenched stupidity. You will really have to make an effort to get this.
   Here is a news quote for you:
   "Dane County Circuit Judge Juan Colas ruled that the law violates both the state and U.S. Constitution and is null and void. He said the law violated the constitutional rights of free speech and association."
   the law is one that outlaws unions for public employees.
   The whole story is here:

   What the "judge" ruled is that tax-supported employees are the bosses of the people paying them.
   He said that it would be "unconstitutional" - this is a Sate issue not a Federal one so he is not only evil he is stupid - he said that it would be unconstitutional and the fact that he declared it "unconsitutional"  even though Constitutionality can NEVER be resolved, and changes from day to day, and from judge to judge, and from decision to decision, and from precedent to precedent, and from case to case, and from day to day, and from blowjob to blowjob, means that it IS unconstitutional even though it actually isnt since public employee unions are a psychotic concept even for governmental 7th dimensional ultrasurreal reality. So the Constitution is really nothing. It's just a piece of paper with edicts and declarations and assumptions and decisions and a self-appointment of authority upon itself and upon you...that has whatever meaning down the road that any judge assigns to it. In other words, and this is going to shock and upset virtually everyone because virtually everyone is REALLY dopey....constitutional government is the most evil form of government yet devised in the long evolution of government evil. It is the form of government that "rules" every country now on earth. It is the reason that Sharia Law will be welcomed by all on earth: because it will be MORE SANE THAN CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT!! So don't be surprised when you are a muslim; in fact be relieved; you will get to actually do more and pay less than what you are being subjected to at the moment.


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