Friday, June 26, 2015

Fag Marriage

   As you may remember, this blog was started during the days when blogs were all the rage, and this one was started when the Muslim negro communist homosexual simpleton with 300 different official names and passports and lands of birth became president. This was a public venue for me to rage against the machine of machinelessness, which is Marxism, and which is Obama's personal teat from which he sucks genius into his head.
   What does any of this have to do with fag marriage.
   Well, nothing. But today is big news all over America because the 9 homos on the Supreme Court have graciously decided that homos can get married. Since I myself am not a homo this news does not affect me in any imaginable way and I have a good imagination. If homos are that insistent about being hogtied into legalized misery and the heinous consequences therefrom, haha, it fucking serves them right. I gut no problem with it.
   It does, however, seem to have traumatized the Christians. Christians are obsessed with sex and with the afterlife: two topics Jesus never discussed. Jesus especially never mentioned faggotry. Never mentioned it, never referenced it, never commented on it, never did a sidebar on it, and if any incidents of homoness even ever occurred within viewing distance of Jesus and the decip and the various townspeople, none of it got written down. It got buried, apparently, and we're just not going to talk about it.
   Christians, however, talk about little else. If they can't talk about cock-sucking...they don't know what to say! It's like as though they think about nothing else other then orally nursing from an erect penis, not their own. I'm the only Christian on earth, apparently, who says to them, before they run away, "Fags ain't an issue. Christianity aint about cock sucking or not cock sucking."
   Christians apparently do not want to hear this. Especially if it's actually true, which of course they are convinced it is not. According to the Bible they are reading, as opposed to the one I am reading, semen-slurping by men is the total focal point of the Old and New Testaments. Dick-sucking, dick-sucking, and even more dick-sucking is what the Bible is all about and the message is pretty clear that it has to stop. No more dick-sucking. Ever.
   I don't know where they get this. Probably from Lucifer. Lucifer is fanatically obsessed with things that are not important. Christians must pick it up from him. It keeps the attention off of Jesus - the actual focus of Christianity - and puts it on us; the idiots that needed redeeming. From the effects of Lucifer.
   It's almost like Lucifer is still in charge.


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