Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Uncitizen Soldier

   Obama - a muslim enemy operative and commander in chief of ISIS as well as of the US military - good idea, floundering Fathers - is very hot to have illegal mexicans become soldiers in the American army and "earn their citizenship." At least that's the story he's telling you because he knows you're an idiot, since you elected him and proved it.
   American cops have no problem attacking and killing Americans, and Americans have no problem letting them do it. American soldiers however would never think of doing such a thing. American soldiers love American citizens. They die for them in fact.
   Obama knows this. However a military filled with illegal Mexicans - who detest Americans because "we stole their land" - would not hesitate to attack and kill American citizens. And since Obama is disbanding municipal, county and State police forces "because they are racist" - he is going to put his illegal alien military in charge of attacking and killing Americans.
   Of course no one sees this but me. Because no one but me has their eyes open. Now some might say "No, you don't have you're eyes open, you're just paranoid."
   If I was paranoid I would actually be all panicky and giving a shit. And I'm not and I don't.


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