Friday, June 26, 2015

Fags Getting Married

   Today the supreme court, an assembly of employees immune from getting fired forever for some insane reason known only to the Floundering Fathers, declared that fags and dykes can get married all over America and no State or county or city government can stop them.
   Much has been shown by this edict.
   For one thing it demonstrates that the idea of "States Rights" is a myth carried inside the heads of diehard lunatics -  bureaucrats and normal tax-paying lunatics alike.
   For another thing it demonstrates how angry most Americans get when something is allowed. Americans do not like liberty. In any form. If you can't go to jail for doing it then it ain't worth doing.
   Third it shows how ignorant American "Christians" are about Christianity. American Christians are convinced God instituted governmental, legalized marriage. They are also convinced marriage is "holy." They are also convinced marriage is something apart and separate from the two people getting married, such that, no matter who the two people are, when they get married they are doing something holy. Even if they are Muslims, probably the unholiest people there are or ever will be. Marriage is still holy. Regardless of the two parties involved. They also are convinced that a man cannot marry a man. Why? They never explain. Also a dog cannot marry a cow. Why? They never explain. Marriage is clearly an arbitrary pronouncement handed down from savages in the jungles and on the plains 500,000 years ago to today, up to and including the Assyrians and the Sumerians and the Egyptians and the Zulus and the Tlinkits and the Apaches and the Methodists and the Jehova's Witnesses and the Maori and the, did I say Apaches?.....handed down from them to us today right here in River City, in 2015, unchanged, and unabating, the misery and travail almost impossible to eradicate such is the human addiction to the jungle voodoo known as marriage. And only a man and a woman can perform this voodoo properly or else curses and bad luck and celestial events will scare us all to death.


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