Sunday, June 28, 2015

Christians and Muslims, Second Attempt

   If you are a Christian and you find that you are sounding anything like a Muslim or doing anything a Muslim does, then you are doing something wrong as a Christian. Chief among these crimes being the Christian need to threaten someone they are arguing with with eternal hellfire if they don't start agreeing with the Christian who is doing all the threatening. Muslims do this too. And better than you, they have the Koran to guide them which is a pretty thick pamphlet of descriptions of hell and torture. If you want to really threaten someone with punishments and do it with some verve and pizzass after they have started turning back into dust, you might want to become a Muslim.
   Another thing Muslims do is ritualistic repetition of meaningless and useless tasks that accomplish nothing other than exhaustion and fear to the performer of them. Catholics are the Christians that most resemble the Muslims in this regard,  in fact, except for the Jesus Thing, Christians and Muslims are almost identical in the fruits which they impart to their devotees: which is fear and a ruthless need to punish "wrongdoers;" the wrong-doing here usually being the commission of a victimless crime or the omission of a meaningless ritual.
   Both Muslims and Christians regard a single book as "holy," one being a history book, the other being the crazed demands and hallucinations of a deranged lunatic. One group call their book "the word of God" even though the God in it does the least amount of talking of all the people who actually do talk in it.
   To most non-Catholic Christians the Bible is the fourth person of the trinity.
   To Catholics, maybe to their credit, maybe not, the Bible is basically an unknown quantity, something that is "used by the Protestants."
   Christians and Muslims both hate the Jews. They both claim different reasons but the real reason is because the Jews, A: don't really care how you behave as long as they get the discount or other unearned bonus they feel they are for some reason entitled-to at the checkstand..... B: they don't give a shit about the afterlife, and, C: they don't try and convert you.
   These three attributes are hateful to Christians and Muslims.
   Christians and Muslims are very preoccupied with their own and everyone else's genitals. This is because they deny themselves genital experiences that they are tempted by. Unlike the bonobos who just give in to them in a spirit of cooperation and mutual orgasmic bliss. Therefore, unlike bonobos they become fixated on sex out of crazed frustration, self-inflicted, and usually expel these compulsions by killing someone. Ot maybe by killing a lot of people over a long period of time.
   Thus has been created the word and concept of "taboo." Fucking your mother is taboo but aborting your offspring or tossing it alive into the fires of the statue of Moloch....that's a holy act designed to please the deity. Fucking your mom is a heinous damnnable offense. Even if she's smokin' hot. Fucking your sister?.....let's not even go there. Abortion? Child-rape and child murder as an offering to Ikstactelxetl, the Bird-God of Gay Plumage and Throat-Slitting?..... that's a noble and holy act of love.


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