Wednesday, June 17, 2015


    I been mentioning for a month on Muslim-lover Book that Uber would any second be coming into the State Eradication radar and that it would take no time at all for the government to put this enterprise out of business, since that is what government does, because government cannot allow anything but itself to exist. And it has started. Uber has been proclaimed something that needs to pay all the things that the State insists business pay for even though it is not part of the business. Government wants all business to fail. The ones that exist at the moment are the ones that have managed to survive despite all the government obstacles to survival. Uber came out of nowhere and, like a narcotic, became outstandingly popular and in demand. Because it had no regulatiopns. It just had satisfied customers. Well, various courts and bureaucrats and other people incapable of surviving in a free market economy or universe and started to pull hard on the reins. Uber will last maybe until Christmas if even that long. It will go down under government control as fast as it went up under freedom.


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