Thursday, June 25, 2015

Da Knee Grows

   A lotta nigger "leaders" are going around these days gathering groups of fellow niggers together and ordering them to go kill whitey. You would think that a negro would have enough sense at least to know that negroes are not good at following orders or doing what they re told. Now a lotta white people are very worried about all this negro rabble rousing. For one reason white people are not that much smarter than negroes and do not have enough sense to know that a negro is nothing to be afraid of. They also don't seem to know - just like the nee grow "leaders" that negroes do not follow orders because for one thing they're negroes. And for another thing there is no other thing. Thewy are negroes. They do not obey. Anyone. They just do whatever the negroes around them are doing at the moment. And it usually is not reading, writing, or arithmetic.


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