Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Big Paybacc: Gone From Us

   I suppose you heard. Big Paybacc was shot dead in a Macdonalds. The thoughts and prayers are going out so fast that I have to keep ducking to keep from being hit in the head from some of them. I realize none of this is news to any of you. But there is always one among the thousands visiting this entry right now who for one reason or another might be in the dark. We should not ridicule such rare individuals. Sometimes there is a valid reason. So therefore I will say Big Paybacc is - was - a "rapper." A "rapper" is a negro who recites murder-related nursery rhymes to a rhythmical beat while making hand gestures, slouching, looking quickly sideways and then back at the camera, walking in a kind of remedial, sub-human, post-chimpanzee perambulation that validates Darwin and makes a complete mockery of Creationists. There is no way God would have created such creatures "on the spot." God is not that fucked up. Only the hit-or-miss randomness of mutational numbers-crunching, genetic opportunism, thousands of years of errant experimentation on a fluctuating planet, and the constant propping-up delivered by self-loathing white populations can have resulted in the species that now relentlessly "raps."
   Naturally the reporters who reported the news - reporters and news both being in quotations marks that I can't be bothered doing myself at the moment - naturally the reporters who reported the news only wrote down what the police department spokes-dolt iterated to them. They did no investigative reporting on their own. The just wrote down what the uniformed investigators told them.
   There also was no "personalized reporting" - that is reporting as though done by a real person.
   I will be doing some of thatright now just so that you can experience the experience of it. Keep in mind that this kind of reportage journalism will get you kicked out of journalism college.
   So here we have a negro named Big Payback who is killed via a big payback in a fast food restaurant traditionally worshipped as a church by Black Americans.
   This is, like, fucking hilarious.


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