Sunday, June 28, 2015

The American Government-Worshippers

   I don't discuss political "theory" or politics in general with "my fellow Americans," most of whom are now illegal aliens from Persia or from the Mexican nations of Central and South America. I might make a political utterance or statement but I do not debate. I'll give you a perfect example of why.
        Americans are very staunchly concerned about their "elected representatives." This is all veddy veddy veddy important to them. Oh, yes. Doan chu see. Even though they never actually encounter or interact with their elected representatives. Ever. Nope: the only government officials they are ever likely to see are the cops who arrest them and the judges who sentence them and the prison guards who will keep them from escaping. And all of these people are unelected. Yes, that's right, citizen: the people you are voting for you will never interact with. The bureaucrats that you actually will be interacting with will never have run for office.
     Now, were I to say this to an actual white American Christian - you know, the bulwark of our American Society of which we hail?.....he would just stare at me like I was a bit deranged, all the while feeling some vague sense of unease and then shake his head and get on with his life, muttering a bit. And if it was a woman American Christian she would do the same, only angrier and insisting she was going to pray that I come to my senses, although this prayer would never actually get said. It would be just a threat of prayer.
   You see, these harsh realities of American Government are not anything white American children citizens ever hear from their white American citizen parents. They just hear arguing among the relatives and neighbors who come over about Republicans and Democrats: two political parties who will never arrest you or sentence you or keep you from escaping. Only cops and judges and guards will do that. But you see? are not suppose to put actual flesh and blood people into political discussion. you are only supposed to talk about the higher, almost mystical life forms known as Presidents and Senators and congressmen and City councilmen and Mayors and Governors. You know, the elected people. Who you will never meet or have contact with.
   the "average American" prefers this. It's less energy-consuming. It takes less mental and physical effort to deal with a phantom they will never meet than with an actual individual who will come pounding on the door. Or cell.


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