Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sgt. Swine-ton

   A cop named Swanton has become the spin-doctor for the Waco-ambush on a bunch of motorcyclists, an incident that happened 30 days ago or so.
   He has a facebook page, of all things, so this alone should tell you that he is not anyone to be taken seriously as a human.
   On this page a while ago he posted this:

I have begun to realize there is a group of individuals who regardless of what we say will have a tainted picture of what actually happened at Twin Peaks. You will no doubt see that in the comments that follow this post.
My response to a post from a concerned citizen in reference to our ability to release everything at this point: (please also see the link to the Tribune Herald article that better explains how and when evidence is released to the public)
Donald....have to say thank you for actually being a sensible voice of reason here and maintaining some civility. Obviously what I release has to be approved by PD administration, investigating detectives and the District Attorney as this case will need to be tried in court, not on Facebook.
I said from the very first day we have several videos that captured the scene at Twin Peaks. That fact stands and is undeniable. The FBI is in possession of those videos to assist us in the investigation. It is not up to me as to when that gets released but rest assured it will. Unedited, unaltered and will show exactly what was started by bikers and how it led to officers having to use deadly force to stop their violence towards each other and Law Enforcement.
We have been and will maintain to be truthful, as transparent as possible without jeopardizing the case investigation and will reveal every aspect of this case in time. Some think we can release everything at this point but that is simply not the truth. This is real life and not a made for TV movie.
In the early hours of the incident we put out as much as possible in a very fluid situation to inform our public. We immediately corrected any information if need be as we learned more during the investigation. That is not any indication we misled anyone. It was simply an attempt to share what we believed had occurred during the start of the incident.
Thank you for your concern and as we can, information will be shared with all in as timely a manner as I can.___________Sgt. Swanton

   Since no one actually reads my blogs, especially this one, the incident this bureaucratic dunce is talking about is a horde of local police, state police, county police and federal police opening fire with .223 caliber varmint rounds from semi-automatic shoulder weapons against people not shooting at them and who were at a - basically - HOA meeting for motorcyclists and motorcycle social and riding clubs.
   That's the incident. As you can see I was able to present the incident briefly and cogently and simply and at no time needed to resort to sound-bite expressions, political bromides, cliches-of-the-day or anything else that does more to put one to sleep than to get their attention.
   Swine-ton, on the other hand.....jesus fucking almighty christ of god and the angels of the firmament on high; he's thanking people, he's expressing his personal emotional relief at things, he's itemizing bureaucratic procedures and other procedures, he's frowning at critics "who know nothing" - well, jesus christ, asshole, of course they know nothing, you've spent a fucking month earning another 5 grand in salary and benefits for specifically not saying anything and for not giving any information: of course your critics know nothing. He's cautioning against rushing to judgement, he's cautioning against coming to conclusions, he's cautioning against being impatient, he cautioning against not feeding the cat, he's cautioning against assuming something is something someone else might be assuming it isn't, he's cautioning against leaving the house without a coat, he's cautioning against thinking about anything until all the facts that are deemed acceptable to know are in, he's cautioning boiling a ten minute egg for five minutes, he's cautioning everyone about everything there is; meanwhile that's the only thing he's doing - cautioning others and saying how naughty everyone is who has a problem with his job performance. And, of course, the other thing he is doing is doing a poor job.
   You see, this is how it is with bureaucrats, of which Swanton is one: you are always the problem. They are never the problem. And on those occasions when it is clear even to a non bureaucrat that the bureaucrats are the problem, like, say, regarding an ambush in a restaurant parking lot orchestrated by cops from all 4 governments, city, county, state, and federal against restaurant customers....even in a case like that you are the problem: in this case for not being patient. It's always you. Just wait: we have to proceed slowly; this requires this and this requires that and we dont want to rush to judgement blah blah blah, blubber blubber blubber, transparency sustainability dialogue coming together unified environmental diversity debate compromise reaching across the aisle bipartisan thoughts and prayers go out. No; you dont want to rush to judgement, Sergeant, or rush to anything else. Except maybe to the next parking lot where an ambush is scheduled. You'll probly get up early, drink some extra coffee and pop a few pep pills for that.


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