Sunday, June 28, 2015

Two Escaped Billion Dollar Americans

   Two Americans apparently outside the jurisdiction of the Constitution managed to escape their imprisonment for having done things people who never knew them arrested them for and people who never knew them paid for their room and board, well, they escaped and the people paying their room and board then had to pay 1,000 (one thousand) bureaucrats and their dogs to go look for them for three weeks. All of them on salary and eventual pensions. Of course just letting them go and sealing up the hole they made...that was absolutely out of the question.
   Well, they killed one. So they quit looking for him, they had him back. He was dead, but he was back. They didn't just leave him where he lay, they carted him away. Dead. They went looking for him and they killed him. If you escape I guess the deal is they hunt you down and kill you to teach you a lesson. You are not supposed to try and escape. You are supposed to behave. You were put in prison for apparently not behaving, why they expect them to behave when suddenly thrust unto conditions rivaling the subterranean hellholes of Ancient Rome, I dunno. Why they expect a turnaround in a misbehaving nature by poking sticks into their hides, I dunno.
   Anyway they found the second guy today and shot him too. So far he ain't dead. They are going to try to keep him alive so that they can put him back into prison only under worse conditions since he escaped. Which you are not only not supposed to do you are not even supposed to make an effort.
   Since both those guys were born up until today, nothing they have done or have had done to them has affected my life. And yet I am suppose to pay for all this retribution the State needs to take upon them, up to and including hunting them down and killing them. Why not just shoot them while they are in jail? Save all that hunting time and man-hours, since I'm paying for this. Assholes.


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