Monday, October 29, 2012

Some Remarks About Niggers

   Niggers are like Muslims: you never hear the good ones railing against the bad ones and declaring themselves as separate and apart from them in philosophy and behavior and goals and purposes and principles. That is because that other imaginary version of Nigger and Muslim doesn't exist. Otherwise we would hear from one of their spokesmen once in a while. We would hear about a group called the Breakaway Niggers or the Breakaway Muslims once in a while. But there are no breakaway niggers or muslims. No group ever breaks away from its own group except for White Christian Americans. These people turn on each other and betray each other as though there was a blowjob from Paris Hilton somewhere at the end of it. White Christian Americans can't become communist atheist islamic faggots fast eound, which would be fine if they then just kept their yaps shut afterwards, opening them just long enough to drink sperm. But nope, soon as they put on their new rebellious mantle of goat hide they rip into the group from which they ran. Don't ask me to explain it, I can't explain insanity, I can only dance to it.


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