Friday, October 26, 2012

The Nigger's Last 2 Months

   It's pretty clear to me, based on what I know about the Nigger In Chief's personality, that he is not going to go quietly when he loses office. Now remember, we are dealing with a psychopath here. Also remember that because he is a stupid psychopath, he is going to fuck-up his attempts to stay in office just like he fucked up his term in office. Politics is not mysterious: it is an illegitimate human enterprise and as such operates on very predictable parameters because evil has one objective, senseless destruction blamed upon the victim by the purportrator. He will likely order some fantastically crazy and insane military strike upon maybe, who knows, Israel. After all, he is the arm wielding the Sword of Allah, and Allah's big pain in the Allah Ass is Israel.
   What amazes me is that he has any inner-circle allies at all, since he is so stupidly and transparently treacherous. They all have to be even stupider than he is, which would follow the usual pattern exhibited by bad, incompetent managers, however it is astonishing for me to believe that there really are stupider people than Barry Soetero.


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