Monday, October 29, 2012

Mary Todd Lincoln The Dyke

   This is Abraham Lincoln's wife. Now, I have been saying all along that Abraham Lincoln was America's stupidest President in the long list of stupid Presidents. He declared war on his own Country. You have to be stupid to do that. It turns out he was stupid in other ways: he didn't know what sex he was. How do I know that? Because based on this picture of his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, he did not know what sex she was either. So, he didn't know what Country he lived because he declared war on it so he must have thought he lived in Canada or Mexico, and he didn't know what sex he was because he obviously married another man. This would explain why Steven Spielberg and Time magazine are so in love with the guy since both of those entities are also fags. You don't divorce Amy Irving unless there is something fundamentally wrong with you. And as for Time magazine, the fact that this News Entity From Hell loves the fucker so much means not only was Lincoln a fag he was also a self-hating Jew.


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