Monday, October 29, 2012

The C Word

   "Catastrophe" is being hurled around again by the bureaucrats and news anchors who suck their dicks as hurricane Sandy does some stuff that the bureaucrats and the news anchors, especially Diane Sawyer who is in a permanent psychotic depression all the time, are very sad and worried about and - except for Diane Sawyer - are yelling at the tops of their voices. However I notice the people they interview who live in the hurricane are all calm and speaking quietly and sound like normal Americans and not like hysterical Muslim-affiliated network news people.
   When the internet destroys once and for all network news no one will be happier about it than me.  What I fear is that the Left - who is being systematically destroyed by the internet since the formerly Silent Majority is now hooking-up with and connecting-to millions of people who think just like them but never knew there were others who think just like them - what I fear is that the Left will eventually realize this (and being self absorbed pride-filled ignoramuses this might take a while, I hope) they will realize this and have to contrive some way to make the internet Left Friendly and Right Hostile. The Muslims seem to be working hard to make this happen, incidentally. The Muslims are a lot sharper than the Democrats.


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