Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Constitutional Party

   It turns out there is something called the Constitutional Party. This takes the cake. The Penis Party would be a better new party than the Constitutional Party. I don't know what they "want" I would have had to have read the article and reading journalism always gives me headaches because they are always written for two year olds and leave out things and lie and exaggerate and are cute and have an agenda different from my own. I can tell you though that the candidate they dredged-up to run for whatever they are running for, he wears a really bad sport coat that looks like he got it at the Goodwill. But at least he is trying to look civilized. I don't know what his name is, let's call him Fuck.
   I don't know what Fuck wants but most likely he wants "to return to the Constitution." All these Constitution zombie cultists want to return to the Constitution. Try and tell them that we are neck-deep in the Constitution already and with the Nigger In Chief interpreting it we are using a Coonstitution now, not a Constitution - try and tell them that they get real fuckin' hostile because they think the Constitution is....I don't know what they think. They think it's a magic lantern or a sacred talisman or the fucking meteorite in the Kaaba that the fucking Muslims walk around in big circles while chanting and doing things to calm Allah The Asshole down.
   The Constitution should be called the Constipation. It sole function is to prevent anyone from doing anything, including, someday, probably, taking a shit. Thanks to the Constitution there won't be a water supply to flush the shit and the EPA won't allow any shit to be extruded from an ass without a flushing toilet underneath it.
   The Constitution has created for its constipated servants more governments and controls and regulations and licenses and fines and fees and punishments and jails and duties and obligations and laws and restrictions and handcuffs and chains and bindings and locks and no-admittances than all the Romes and Vlad the Impalers and Hitlers and Stalins and Maos in history. The Constitution calmly informs every American citizen that he is now a slave of 4 governments, local, county, state and federal, and counting the new Sharia and United Nations conglomerates, well it's no wonder Honey Boo Boo and the Kardashians are the only escapes taken by a forced-into-idiocy populace, they are the only escapes that do not end in murder and mayhem.
   Telling a "proud and patriotic American" that the Constitution is a worse and more sinister enemy than Islam is useless. You will very likely get beat up. But it is. Everyone knows Islam is fucked up and is prepared to go to war against it. The Constitution is every bit as fucked up as Islam but everyone reveres and worships it: therefore it is more dangerous; because it's dangers are denied. No one denies the dangers of Islam. The war against it will be fought. But no one will go to war against the Constitution: it's the deity of the nation. It is our Allah.
   The belief is...and all religions have a belief...the belief is that the Constitution "guarantees our rights." The belief is that the Constitution "protects us." The belief is that the Constitution is inherently and by its very nature correct. Just like, well, just like a deity.
   What the Constitution actually does is guarantee the rights and declare the supreme sovereignty of Washington DC: which is a place. Places do not have rights. Places are not deities. Places cannot make sensible decisions regarding how you should live your life.
   How did you get into this cow-coccoon? You were born into it. Just like a Muslim is born into Islam. Just like an apache is born into whatever fucked up belief system they have that has no evidence to justify it. So too you were born into the Constitution, a long and complicated British Proclamation that like all government proclamations lied to you about what it actually does and somehow lulled you into believing what you hope it is really doing. Which, whatever it is you hope it's doing...believe me, it ain't.
   What you are supposed to conclude from your Constitutionally-provided Government Education Program is that the Constitution is "protecting" you. All it is really doing is ordering you around and taking all your stuff. That's a pretty good scam! So, being Italian, I am naturally admiring of the Constitution to some extent because anything that pulls-in a sucker is inherently admirable to an Italian.
   The Constitutional Party has 7 "things." Principles I guess they are calling them. Two of them are "property" and "the Constitution." You cannot have property and a Constitution. You can only have one or the other. As we are finding out here in America, and as all the other countries on the globe we have been insisting adopt a "constitutional" form of government are finding out or have found out already.  The Tenth Amendment is also one of their 7 things. Since the Tenth Amendment is already part of the Constitution - which is one of the "things" -  I have to wonder why the Tenth Amendment is also one of the things. I am convinced however that if you were to ask one of the Constitutional Party people why this is you would get a response that would go on well into the night with no diminishing of intensity or urgency or interest by the speaker. You however would be dead of boredom, your brains having been reduced to powdered ash and dripping out your ears.
   I am concluding that the sole purpose of the Consitutional Party is to collect donations from fools who think the Constitutional Party is going to "restore" something that some Americans think need to be restored. I know they don't want the railroads and the robber barons restored - two things that were actually useful to the country, so I know it's not them. I know they dont want Trusts restored, things that were useful to the Country. They probably want three-cornered hats restored because most white Americans who were born here think three-cornered hats are "liberty." Because white Americans who were born here think in pictures and not in thoughts. And the picture in the mind of a man in a three cornered hat makes Americans who were born here feel some sort of feeling that they are comfortable feeling.


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