Thursday, October 25, 2012

Banned From Facebook Again

  I dont seem to be making friends with the Muslims, they have gotten me banned from a Jew's site once again. Jews always bow down to the Muslims anyway. In fact Jews will bow down to anyone who orders them to. For 30 days I will not be able to post anything. After Romney wins the election I will probably disconnect from Facebook and Blogger anyway because the nigger will be out of office and he is the only reason I am here at all.
   The one good thing, or I should say one of the good things about being eradicated from Facebook is that I can come back here! Which is only fitting, it's almost election time and it was 4 years ago November, the day after the nigger won the election that I took to Blogger with a need to express my fury for 4 years until he was gone once again. That time is about to arrive. I have done well. My work is almost finished here. I can take that motorcycle trip along Highway 50, and hang out in Las Vegas like a normal person instead of hanging out on the internet. Romney will make everything good again and I can devote some time to planning my eradication of islam from the face and the bowels of the earth.


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