Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Disney Buys Lucas Episode 2

   That was a voracial at the door. As opposed to a veracient. Pronounced voreAYsee-al and verAYshent. The veracients are the friendly ones. The voracials are the motherfuckers. Fortunately I have voracial rapport. Just as I have cop rapport. Voracial rapport was something i had to be taught. Cop rapport I picked up easily on my own. Cops - heinous and subhuman unnatural monsters though they are - are as newborn Easter ducklings compared to a voracial. So they are not much of a problem to coddle and calm and soothe. Most cops will take a black oily dildo up the ass with enthusiasm, and I always have one or two of those handy and near me at all times for those moments when a policeman-JJ interaction seems inevitable. Usually these interactions are initiated by the police. Usually.
   The voracials come from Burbank. Underneath it. On Twin Peaks, the tv show the owls were not what they seemed. In Burbank nothing is what it seems. Especially over at Griffith Park. Griffith Park is scary enough, but what's underneath it is a lot scarier. Well, the idea is for it to be scary. But I was groomed to be an oracle. What is supposed to be scary just seems like the workplace to me.


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