Saturday, October 27, 2012

Today's Shocker: Obama Has Hurt Race Relations

   The big news today from Yahoo as I stared at the screen was this;

   It turns out having that having a nigger for President has actually done some good; more people than ever hate niggers. Hopefully they will express this hatred against one nigger in particular on election day.
   Unless you are as stupid as a journalist there is no mystery as to why this increase in nigger dislike has occured: we have a white-hating marxist muslim piece of shit communist black panther doing everything he can to drag the white race down to his level of chimpanzee sandnigger subhuman animal shit-level. Before he got elected he was calling Sarah Palin, the hottest piece of ass in the history of politics, a pig. "Well, ya know.....ya put.....lipstick on a still have a pig." He told all of industrial and producing White America " didn't do that!...." He makes a point of touring nigger kids and talking nigger to them, warning them that whitey is out to get him and that niggerness is a fantastic thing and that whitey has to be destroyed otherwise niggers will never get anywhere. What the Christian whitey actually needs to do is go to a different planet to let the niggers and the chinks and the spics and the muslims and the hindus and the aborigenes and the eskimoes and the indonesians and every other primitive non white Christian culture go back to the fucking stone age.


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