Sunday, October 28, 2012

Why White People Are The Best

   I think we all know that white people are the best but how do you demonstrate this to the skeptic?....who is usually white. Because the other races already know that white people are the best. But white people have a lot of fuckheads in their ranks who are white in skin surface only but underneath they are faggot hippy commie new age reincarnation-touting ouija board-visiting asshole fuckhead dipshit pieces of shit.
   Well you demonstrate this the way Einstein used to demonstrate shit, with a thought-experiment. Einstein was not a big fan of math so he would explain things via cartoons. Just another demonstration of his genius because as all intelligent people know, cartoons rule.
   Imagine that some of the 50 States implemented a one race policy: New Jersey would only allow illegal mexicans to live there, Tennesee would only allow niggers, both American niggers and Somalian niggers, Montana only allowed European-derived white Christian normal people, California only allowed Chinese, Kansas only allowed Japs, New Mexico only allowed North American aborigines, and so on and so forth, with the Filipinos living in Alaska of course. Hindu Indians could take over Oklahoma and the Muslims would be killed on sight.
   Ok: within one hundred years the inhabitants of the State of Montana would have spread out across the entire galaxy and the solar system would be the mining and recreation wonderland of the Local Group. The other States would have collapsed into societies of Mayan-like, stone-stacking, child-molesting, child sacrificing carnivores forever on the prowl for pussy and meat and magic potions and charms and secret rituals of superstition involving foul acts of perversion and slaughter, kind of like the Masons and the US Congress.
   And even the other races would admit that this would be the case. So there is no controversy here except among, like I say, those white people who have self-esteem issues, dribbling like sewage from leaky pipes, out their ass.


At October 29, 2012 at 12:49 PM , Blogger jj solari said...

i dont think you know what you are talking about


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