Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Obama's Solitary Accomplishment

   Obama has accomplished one thing in the past 4 years of his presidency: he has shown me that my opinion of the stupidity and general worthlessness of the terrestrial nigger was not at its maximum capacity. Nope, in the past four years my dislike of and general attitude of animosity towards the terrestrial nigger has actually, I think, quadrupled.
   Most of this is generated by the realization that after 4 years of destroying everything in America except for Islam and Muslims and Marxism, and saving and maintaining nothing that already existed in American except for Islam and Muslims and Marxism.....not one nigger in all that that time has come to the conclusion "jesus christ, this fucking mother fucker is bat shit crazy." Nope: the American Nigger is still singing the praises of the Nigger In Chief. And if they are not singing the praises of the Nigger In Chief, and if in fact they are holding meetings of disapproval for Obama, they are holding these meetings of disapproval in secret and in private and behind closed doors and down the long dark steps of dank and abandoned tunnels and dungeons. WAY DE GOSTE IZZ, YASSAH!!! 'Cause ain't none of the rest of us is gettin' any wind o' these proceedings of disdain. Because they ain't happening, is why. Niggers still love their Nigger because why?.....BEKAW HE IB BLACK, MUVVAFUKKA!! Yes, they still love him because he is black. they love him because he is a nigger, WHICH - if you know anything at all about niggers.....is a bad reason to like someone. So Like I say, Obama has done something I did not think was possible: he has made it easy for me to be a public bigot. Because he has proven to me beyond all doubt that when it comes to racism and bigotry....whitey could learn a LOT from the American Nigger. Thank you.....and fuck you.


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