Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Disney Buys Lucas Episode 3

   The more astute of you are already asking "Is C'thulhu somehow involved in any of this?" Well, he hasn't showed up yet. Whether he's in the wings, I dunno. I haven't smelled any stenchy haul-outs of unnameable finned nightmares, basking balls-deep and cunts-thick in their foul sexual emissions on moonlit, nightmare, isolated, disappearing-and-reappearing-island beaches. If anything things in this literal and figural underworld have always been quite sanitary. No trash, no mess, no smells at all other than the eternal pervasive subtle aroma of a very pleasant and ubiquitous invisible coating of a nano mold that can only be detected microscopically. It's the one thing that has never changed in any of this history. I asked a verascient once what the story behind the perennial ubiquitous almost benevolent mold was and the verascient remained silent. Verascients often remain silent when you ask one a question however you can be assured that if you do get an answer out of one it will be absolutely truthful and without ambiguity. And if you yourself  have any doubts or ambiguities regarding the response a verascient will tirelessly and lawyer-like walk you through your hallways of confusion and lead you out into the light of truth if you let it. If there is one support column of Absolutism in all of subterranean Burbank it is that a verascient will never lie or mislead. If one ever did I suspect the entire structure of Barrier would collapse overnight via the distraught effect this news would have on the inhabitants, or Valueds, as they are called. I know what you are saying, what is Barrier. Barrier is what everything so far has been about. Barrier is so secret that even if I explained what Barrier is you wouldn't believe it, and by that I mean you wouldnt even be curious for further details. You would fall asleep. You would go watch baseball. But Barrier is part of my "culture" so I will just keep using it cause it's the only word I have for it. "It" being Barrier.
   I know what you are saying, what is a "Valued." Well, most of the Valueds I know are fucking tiresome dolts. But they seem to have met the qualifications that the voracials determine must be present for a Valued to interact with the denizens of underground Burbank. Like I say, I know a lot of Valueds and they ain't particularly valued by me but the voracials seem to think they fit the bill. For one reason or another, who the fuck knows why. I have always preferred the company of the non-valueds of the non Underground Burbank world because for one thing they swear and curse and go batshit crazy. If a Valued did that he would scare himself to death. I know what you are saying, why am I a Valued at all, having absolutely no virtuous qualities. I don't know. The voracials say I am a Valued so I am a valued. I suppose the day the voracials decide I am not a Valued anymore is the day this tale comes to an end.


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