Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Supreme Court

   As I say a lot, all of America's problems originate from inside the Constitution. One of the problems looming - not over the horizon - but right here on top of our ball sacks, is the upcoming Supreme Court Crisis. If Romney wins the crisis will be averted temporarily. If the mother fucking nigger wins, well, you might as well load up whatever guns you have and attack Washington DC in suicide waves because if you don't Washington DC is going to put you all in chains or in graves because the nigger will fill the upcoming 3 vacancies with Sharia Muslims. And all they do is kill and kill and kill until there is no one left to kill and then they breed some new people to kill from the "lets not kill these" farms. Muslims like killing. And dying!
   Now, keep in mind that it is the Constitution that has everyone in this constant, never ending state of vigilance and hypertension. And this is just the Supreme Court!
   You see, our fantastic form of Constitutional chaos, I mean government, has unlimited directions to come at you from in order to wear you down until when you die your offspring are in a deeper shithole and have an even tougher fight to fight than the one you had to fight when you were alive. You will notice, if you notice things at all, that America is sinking. And it's sinking under the weight of the Constitution. And the morass of bureaucracy it has created for itself, the sole function of which is to stay in existence at all costs and to do nothing productive and to keep you from doing anything productive...this morass of parasitic, productless and servicesless bureaucracy just gets bigger and bigger and "America" gets smaller and smaller. How government expects to collect taxes from an impoverished citizenry I don't know. Short of  attacking and enslaving a more productive citizenry from a different country. Which we will have to do sooner or later. Hopefully it will be Persia and we can get Rockefeller's and Getty's oil wells back. Not that this will affect you personally. No one will be making cars so you wont need gas.


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