Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Disney Buys Lucas

   The 7th Seal is now in place, the scroll has been opened, the bowl has been inverted, the last lock in the the establishment of the rule of Jesus, King of the Jews has slid into its slot -  and to the "world" it is only a business acquisition that has taken place. The world has its cute little "elections" and a few psychopaths prance around on a raised platform to the adulation of the endless conceptions of new idiots bred by idiotic parents, themselves bred by idiotic parents, the long line of peasantry-with-an-attitude continues down through the meaningless ages of kings and queens and presidents and chancellors and vice chancellors and emperors and most holy lords, and Princes and ambassadors, all of  these preening dandies living off the slaves who love them.
  As a lad in the Mouseketeers I had for a time assumed that it was my audition and my audition alone that had slotted me in with a bunch of children who were, even before their sperm began to churn and their eggs began to vibrate, children who were world-wide global "mini caliphs."I wasnt all that comfortable being a "performer" but i was able to meet the minimum daily requirements for a Mouseketeer and that was to have an ear and a natural response instinct to music, be able to stay both on the beat and on key, and have an "American lad" look about me. Which I had in spades. I was Huckleberry Finn with a straw in his jaw if there ever was one. High forehead, freckle face, wide-set eyes, easygoing trusting nature, insatiable awareness of and curiosity about my surroundings, I was a Mini America. Before I was ten I had met everyone but the Rat Pack: Sid Ceasar, Ed Sullivan,  Ann Blythe, Peter Graves, Broderick Crawford, Loretta Young, Jack Webb, Joe Sica, Jack Dragna, Mickey Cohen, Candy Barr, Werner von Braun (even now my eyes are filling with tears that I was so close to a dear and trusted aid and comrade of My Beloved Fuehrer),  Buster Keaton, Donald O'Connor,  Ub Iwerks, James Arness, John Wayne and of course Winston Hibler and Ukelele Ike. To name but a few. I thought this was what all kids did. I did notice that all the kids at the many Catholic schools I attended, however, werne't doing these things. It was made clear to the inside of my head that the Catholic Church and the Laws of the Land regarding child "labor" were in close harmony and cooperation to make sure that I was never entangled in a dispute with any Massively Influential Entity at any time. My time with the State School Indoctrinational System was a separate universe entirely from my time with The Private Geniuses of Industry and the Catholic Church and the Worldwide Crime Enterprises that operated having the State as a common enemy. Little did I know, as we say in novels and tales of mystery and imagination, little did I know that I was being groomed, not by the Sandusky Boy Farms for anal love and oral sperm drinking but that I was being groomed by forces and entities that at the time I did not know existed but that now I find marginally interesting, little did I know at the time that I was being groomed as an oracle.
   It is hard to say which is the more annoying culture, the Irish or the Italian. If two races were ever destined to be mutual enemies it is these two. They have nothing with a capital N, Nothing in common.
   Excuse me, there is someone at the door.


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