Saturday, October 27, 2012

This Just In From Allah

   This kicks ass. It also explodes ass.!

   Since Muslims dont care if they die, killing them should be made into a sport. They should be hunted like partridge. There can be a licensing fee and I guarantee you the applicants will be so numerous that any debt the Nigger In Chief can run up can be easily paid. It won't even matter how high the fee is. Let's say it's a thousand dollars to bag just one. Everyone will pay that. The problem of course is what do you do with your dead Muslim. Well, I would cut off the head and boil the meat and skin and shit off it and keep the skull. That would be very cool. PLUS every time you glanced at it your mood would improve. You could have just heard your family and your fortune was wiped out by a plague and a flood and you look at the Muslim skull and you feel suddenly optimistic and at peace and you say "I may have lost everything, but I killed a Muslim at least. Life is good."


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