Monday, August 17, 2009

My Daily PrayerTo Jesus

Every day I pray to Jesus to make it possible for me to puke into the nigger in chief's face. But not his wife's face because I am pretty sure I could not bring my face close enough to hers for the puke to land on it. And I do not mean that I ask for a chance to vomit, ya know, a soupdish amount: I beg my Lord and Savior to fill my stomach with enough digested sludge to fill a pillowcase and to make it come out, not just with a falling, gravity-derived motion and natural energy, but with a hose-like pressure, ploughing right into the center of his foul faggot face (I like that: obama's foul faggot face. That's called alliteration in word-school. It's supposed to be a worthwhile feature of writing words. As long as it's not pushed too far; like "the foul faggot face festering faggily on his fucking
faggy fucking fuckass fuckfinder." Ok, that doesn't make any sense but I started to get angry thinking about the goddamn fucking piece of shit nigger that has the nerve to be my fucking "leader." This should be proof to everyone that democracy is not worth fighting for. That it's not worth shit. That it's just not workin'. I gut a goddamn muslim commie atheist white-hating fucking NIGGER giving me orders. Fuck that. Jesus Fucking Christ, I cant believe ANYBODY can put up with this shitfuck. Where was I.) So I pray to my Lord and Savior Jesus, who has come with a sword, that not only will I be given the honor and the great miracle of puking into Obama's face, but I pray that it be a forceful implant, like a tossed bucket, and that the load of vomit be plentiful and foul; maybe black like his is, even, though a greenish, yellow kind of oatmeal and cheese-colored nuggetty troughload of continuing stomach-splash would be easier for onlookers to see and appreciate, I think an oil-colored, sewage blackness of inky runoff with dump-grey highlights would make a better impression upon the target's psyche, even though it would be harder to see, being the same color as his skin. Of course none of this would have any effect at all on the commie nigger muslim fucking piece of shit president himself. But it would make ME feel fucking GREAT. And probably one or two other sane, right thinking people left in the world, wherever they are. Thanking You in advance, J.C. Make it happen, Dude!!!


At August 17, 2009 at 9:29 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lets bag it and have a helicopter drop it on the nigger family while walking to their helicopter. Can just picture the oldest daughter jumping around like a monkey with those long arms that pratically touch the ground with every step she takes and that ugly fucking nigger fuck first nigger lady getting bombarded with puke on that ugly body....what a great picture that would make.

At August 17, 2009 at 11:37 PM , Blogger jj solari said...

sounds good. being niggers they'd probly just slurp it up. they drink donkey piss in africa. straight. no sugar and cream.


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