Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Nigger's Skanky Wife

When I see a particularly vile picture of the nigger in chief's ol lady lesbian bitch I like to comment on it. This one shows her without her tons of makeup and her fucking tree-chewing beaver teeth are in full prominence and display as the table-saw wood-shredders that they are. Lesbians like to have menacing-looking teeth in their jaws so guys will be forced to think twice about sticking a dick between them. In her case her face would be a disincentive enough, and that faggot husband of hers, it never ocurred to him in the first place to ever get a blowjob from that gorilla, he prefers the young white children in the Masonic basement church services surrounded by baphomets and pentagrams and candles and naked men with leather aprons on and their bare asses, all wrinked and unwiped on view. Jesus. Bein' a Mason involves some badass uncomfortable shit. Whew. Guess that's why the young boys are there: give 'em all at least SOMETHIN' nice to look at.


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