Saturday, August 15, 2009

Heidi Montag And Playboy Magazine Will Fuck With You Now

I don't know who Heidi Montag is but she is on the cover of Playboy. This is SUPPOSED to mean that when you scramble inside you will see Heidi Montag's tits; her ass; and maybe some part of her pussy. Maybe. Playboy is very iffy about showing pussy portions. But we expect that from Playboy. We also expect to see the nipples and ass cheeks WITH BUTTCRACK of the cover celebrity. This bitch apparently thinks she is SO fucking special that she doesn't need for us to see her nipples OR her ass. Which tells me that she must be one fucked up skank when viewed without ten quarts of cheap tequila in your system. And Playboy went along with this fucked-up cunt's demands, apparently, gambling that men would just let it go by in order to get a gander at this fucking cunt's elbow. I hope this pisses Playboy readers off like the nigger in chief is pissing off me. She oughta change her name to Hide-y since she needs to hide her fucking nipples. Her tits probably look like some 90 year old nigger lady's tits who has had goats hanging off them for all her life sucking them dry. Her ass probably looks like Joan River's pussylips.


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