Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Todd Palin

I never hear Sarah Palin's old man getting in anyone's face about the shit they say about his ol' lady. So I decided to find out who this douchbag is. The buzz is that he is part Eskimo, who are about the stupidest people on earth after the Navajos. And I see he has one of the "put you penis in my mouth" beards that go in a circle around, well, where the penis goes if you suck penises. It sort of encircles the target for the sightedly challenged queers. If he AIN'T part Eskimo he SHOULD be doing damage control 24 hours a day to make it clear to people that he aint an Eskimo because in a white man that is nothing to be proud of. Now, he don't LOOK none too bright. I mean he might be a nice guy and good for him, i have a nice cat, but bein' nice ain't really that much of an accompliishment. You don't really have to DO anything to be nice. You have to actually make an effort to be a prick. It's a job. Bein' nice, you can just do NOTHING and people will think you are nice. And who knows what the fuck the guy's THINKIN'. I mean, maybe inside he ain't nice at all. OF COURSE THERE IS NO WAY OF KNOWING FOR SURE BECAUSE HE NEVER FUCKING SAYS ANYTHING!! HEY DUDE!! YOUR WIFE'S GETTIN' SHREDDED!! THAT BOTHER YOU AT ALL DOUCHEBAG???? YOU NEED TO TAKE THE MICROPHONE FOR A MINUTE AND FUCKING SAY SOMETHING??? OK???? ARE YOU EVEN FUCKING AWAKE DUDE???? DID THAT ESKIMO BRAIN OF YOURS COLLAPSE IN FEAR FROM ALL THE RECENT ATTENTION FROM THE NON ESKIMO PART OF THE WORLD?? WHERE PEOPLE HAVE HEATERS IN THEIR HOUSES AND GO TO THE STORE FOR MEAT AND NOT OUT INTO THE GODDAMN FROZEN SEA WITH A FUCKING SPEAR!!! Todd. Who the fuck names their kid that.


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