Friday, July 17, 2009

Iranian Sandniggers Still In Turmoil

The sandniggers who hate the sandniggers in power and want a different bunch of sandniggers to order them around and kill them, have not let-up on their creating havoc since the election a month ago. The little tiny monkey who does all the speechmaking over there, he's saying "We will crush them all and rule the world." I have noticed a pattern with these sandniggers just before they get killed: they all say "We will crush you without mercy and feed your bones to our dogs and children!!" Weird fucking shit like that. That's all you heard out of Iraq before George Bush and Co. conquered the place in one week and pulled Saddam out of a hole and handed him over to Muslims to kill. We never should have let that happen. We should have taken that fucker to the Pentagon and put him to work as a partner. He was one smart cookie, that Saddam. But what can I say: George Bush really IS a stupid fucking moron, and that's a goddamn fact.


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