Friday, July 17, 2009

Jackson White Fallguy Update

It is starting to look to me that they might have found a white guy that they can blame Jackson's death on. That nigger doctor might be gonna get his free ticket outa the fracas because some dopey-looking dermatologist seems to be the guy that's gonna get slammed for this and thus prevent a nigger riot. The LAPD is terrified of nigger riots. They've have run-away from two of them already and do not want to appear cowardly by running away from a third. And Bratten, the blowhard from Boston, fears niggers and mexicans like most Americans fear Muslims. So that's a lotta fear we're talkin' here. So some white schmuck is gonna be takin' the fall for Jackson's suicide. Which I am sure would suit Michael Jackson just fine because he was about as fucking sinister as they come.


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