Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Human-Caused Global Warming

     Unless you are a brainwashed snowflake liberal dunce - as are all brainwashed snowflake liberal dunces - then you realize that humanity has no ability to affect global weather. Only the sun has that ability. Human activity on this planet is so minute compared to "the planet's activity" on this planet that the earth doesn't even know we are here. The forces creating weather on this planet are so immense that human activity is about as important a factor in the weather as is the infection in your left testicle.
     You might ask "what kind of mentality would actually think that humanity affects the weather?" You might ask that. The answer is the kind of mentality that detests human progress. Which is most mentalities. Once "labor saving devices" became commonplace in America the entire world decided, along with most American bureaucrats, that if progress was allowed to continue government would disappear, since it would have no function that could not be better provided by normal people charging a fee. For example, you can, since 1930 or so, wash you clothes a lot easier by paying a fee for a washing machine and another fee for electricity and another fee for soap and another fee for water than can most of the people on earth. And in 1930 America was abut the only place you could get these services. Bureaucrats and the people whose existence is dependent upon bureaucrats immediately realized - being cunning and parasitic and needing hosts - they immediately realized what the normal decent population did not realize: that labor-saving conveniences would render government eventually obsolete.
     The present reach of this realization is the lie that humans - by generating a molecule that plants need to survive - are destroying the planet through overheating and that the only solution to all of this is to live without electricity or oil or gas or atomic fuel or anything else that can be called fuel. Why burning-wood is not on this list of Planet Destroyers, I dunno. Ask a Liberal.