Sunday, July 10, 2016

Texas Sniper Incident

    One thing you would think negroes would take away from the Dallas sniper incident would be not to demonstrate anymore. Because there might be snipers. This in fact has not happened. For this to have happened would have required intelligence. And I think it has been pretty well confirmed after 50 million years that negroes have no intelligence.  Otherwise they would not demonstrate after this.
    I personally believe all demonstrators, no matter what they are demonstrating about, if they block traffic in any way they should be executed where they stand, or sit, or fuck, whatever it is they are doing while blocking auto and pedestrian traffic, they should be shot. shot dead. I am sure the people whose ways were being blocked would imediately all assist in moving the bodies off to the side and then continuing on their way with a smile and a whistle and a spring in their step.


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