Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Banned From Facebook

     I was once again banned from the mighty and powerful Facebook, but this time I suspect it was from what I thought was an ally, Pamela Geller. I apparently ripped into Muslims a little too forcefully for the alleged mighty warrior who spells god g-d without even a capitol letter. Jews do not actually want to solve their problems they just want to have them. If they actually solve their problems they won't have anything to kvetch and whine and complain about. Apparently I said something a little bit too insensitive about the Muslim Menace. Regarding g-d, in case you are wondering, Jews don't write out the word god because they feel it is disrespectful. Actually it's insulting. It's insulting to their own deity. They whined and insisted god tell them his name. So he did and now they refuse to use it. Forget about saying Yahweh, which I guess means I Am - which is pretty cool - Geller won't even write god. Now she could have just deleted my comment. But I suspect she deleted me. I would have to ask her personally and then observe her answer to know for sure. At any rate, if she did complain to Facebook about whatever I said, she complained to the supreme Muslim Sympathizer because Facebook has a glowing respect and delight in Islam. Christianity?....they ain't really too keen on that religion. They have a problem with Jesus. A lotta people do. Including Muslims and Jews.


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