Wednesday, July 20, 2016

If I Was Trump's Political Ad Writer

Topic - "American Diversity"

TRUMP:   "Ya know, Hillary, along with that asshole in the White House, and all their commie fucking cronies, both in office and in the press corps, and in a lot of the Saudi-owned media......They're always carping that anything they don't agree with "is not what america is all about." I guess to them what America is all about is obeying them.

     "You know another thing these fucks carp about?.....diversity. Godamn fucking diversity. America is not about diversity. America is about diverse elements all agreeing to become Americans. You don't come here and turn America into fucking Mexico. You don't come here and turn America into a fucking Islamic Caliphate. You don't come here and turn America into fucking Somalia. No, you come here and adapt to the American, un-diverse universal code of being an American. If your goddamn culture was all that fucking great you wouldn't be trying to get into our fucking Country. So if you're here, fucking adapt. Have you little cultural get-togethers in your back yard, if you fucking have a backyard, have your little weird wedding events and your bizarre coming-of-age bullshit, but when you are out trying to make a living here, you start acting like you are at least making a concerted effort to adopt American culture. And if you don't know what that is read the Declaration of Independence. It's about becoming an American. Not a Mexican or a fucking Pakistani or a goddamn Bolivian. Have a fucking clue. Thank you."

                              DONALD TRUMP: MAKING AMERICA AMERICA AGAIN. WHY?  
                               BECAUSE FUCK YOU THAT'S WHY.                                                                              


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