Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Myth of Muslims Who "Act Alone"

     The global press, being comprised of cowards and fairies and commies and jews and other cowardly people, insist on calling solitary Muslims who kill a bunch of civilians in a commercial setting "lone terrorists." When in reality - which no journalist is familiar with - they are individuals united in Allah and all of Islam. They are not "acting alone." They are acting in concert with their 1500 year-old Prime Directive which is to murder. Islam is a murder cult. The biggest one in history.
     Today a Muslim in German killed a bunch of children at a Macdonalds. Muslims love killing kids. Allah, like Moloch, likes the blood of the innocent. The guilty?....he can take 'em or leave 'em.
     The press is relieved to be able to report that "he acted alone." Which is not true. He acted in concert with his 1 and a half billion fellow practitioners. He just did not have any of his brethren  around him at the time he decided to obey his deity and murder. So he did not act alone. He acted according to his handbook, the Koran. He was not alone. He had a dead schizophrenic ordering him to kill. He just decided to obey the order in private.
     The press is convinced - for delusional reasons they find comforting - the press is convinced a Muslim needs to be a member in good standing of a declared military force in order to be a "terrorist." The press makes a distinction between "terrorist" and "Muslim" when in fact there isnt any. Islam is terrorism. Their handbook is a litany of horrific consequences to those who do not convert. Or who leave. Islam, like our Constitution, is a list of things you are ordered to do and accept. Otherwise you are punished. The difference is that in Islam everyone is a cop authorized to enforce the law. Here, you have to go through an "academy" first.


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