Saturday, July 9, 2016

Turns Out - Black Lives Actually Don't Matter!

     Being banned from Facebook has one decided advantage: I can return to my Anti-Obama blog Which would be this one. And to welcome myself back may I say this: there is a current myth that is now popular that black lives matter. Some black people invented this announcement after some black lives that didnt matter were ended by police gunfire. Even though "black lives matter" has now been the slogan of the day for months, though it seems like centuries, there never has been even one example given of a black life that made any kind of difference toward the improvement of....well, anything. In other words it has yet to be shown that black lives matter. For my own part it is my opinion that they don't actually matter. But my opinion has never been any indicator of truth to anyone but myself. So I conducted a survey. I asked people "Do you know of any instances when black lives actually mattered?" The only answers I got were more like jokes than actual discoveries of legitimate instances: "The jails would have to close" - that sort of thing. "Crime would disappear." "They make nigger jokes possible." Do you get what I'm saying?....there were no legitimate examples of black lives having mattered presented. "There'd be no Louis Armstrong version of 'What a wonderful world."
     When all of this research was finished I was left with the conclusion that goes something like this:"Black lives actually don't matter." All negroes could vanish overnight and the rest of the world would simply, and with some vague sense of gratitude go "Oh!.......ok!!" and then continue on with their lives without missing a beat and never think about negroes again. It would be like being really sick: when you are really sick you can't even imagine NOT feeling sick. And then when you get better you forget all about what being sick actually felt like. Same with negroes. When you have them you feel sick and when they disappear you never think about them again. Because they don't matter.
     Now is it my fault that black lives don't actually matter? No. Negro matterlessness has absolutely nothing to do with anything I do or don't do or did or didn't do. They made themselves irrelevant and unnecessary on their own.


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