Sunday, July 24, 2016

White People

   The other day a bureaucrat gave credit for Western Civilization to white people. A female "writer" named Moss has a very very big problem with this. You see, you say "white People" in a media forum then media people push back. Because media people do not like white people. Even though most of them are white. Assuming Jews are white.
     One Jew in particular, Clamidia Moss, I think her name is, went on a complete Masters Thesis about it.
     For someone who thinks all races are indistinct and blurred she seems to have a fix on white people even though she sort of thinks they dont exist as a group.
     She also thinks Jews aren't white people.
     Jew journalists always lie because being a Jew is a lie. The Jews refused to accept their Messiah as their Messiah. Even though he was their Messiah. Being a Jew means "No Jesus for us, thank you."
Even though he came for them. They don't want him. Jesus is Truth. Jews reject Truth. So they go into "reporting." To spread lies. With great energy and determination. No one seems to want to call them on it. But I do. I call everyone on everything.


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