Friday, August 31, 2012

Democratic National Convention

   Now that the Republican convention is over and the Country is still euphoric at the resurrection of have to wonder who Obama is going to fill the seats with at the DNC. My prediction is that he will fill it with Haitians and New Orleans negroes who are still living in the swamp after Katrina, muslims from Palestine who he will ship in on the deck of a Saudi oil tanker, the Black Pansies and any crackheads they can drag in with them under threat of death, everyone in Gitmo, all the Occupoo people who have not died yet from exposure or hanta virus, and public employee union members. By hour 2 of the convention there will be fires in the seats from people melting heroin, warming their 40's, or burning the feces that will be accruing in the aisles. By day 3 the arena will look like the New Orleans sports arena after the hurricane, awash in shit and piss, warfare among the negro tribes, muslims spilling blood and praising allah with song and death, the Black Pansies raping anything with a hole in it, and it will generally be a scene indistinguishable from Negroville on the African veldt in 300,000 BC.


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