Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cops All Suck

    The difference between me saying all cops suck and a commie hippie anarchist asshole motherfucker saying all cops suck....the difference is that I am well-thought-out about the matter. Whereas your average cop-abuser is a dickwad idiot.
   The above video shows a cop the other day, I think in Los Angeles, going steroid apefire Islamic, woman-hating psycho-homo on some broad. He does this twice.
   The video was shot by a fast-food surveillance camera.
   It is very likely the ENTIRE LOS ANGELES POLICE FORCE is being instructed right this minute to NEVER make an arrest in a fast food parking lot again.
    Meanwhile the LA chief of police, some dope named My Ass Leaks Cop Semen, I believe his name is, he is announcing that he is "disturbed." Dude; chief; all cops are disturbed. Of course you're disturbed. What he is actually disturbed about is the surveillance camera in the fast food parking lot.
   Watch some cop-blowing lawyer for the city defend this asshole by saying she knew the camera was on the lot and purposely enraged the police office by kicking him in the vagina and saying his mother was an honest woman of virtue and that his father was white.
   You can tell by the rakish silhouette of the fellow that he prides himself in his appearance and in wearing a shirt that hugs the taut lines of his anatomy.
   His bosses have not arrested him for assault, they have suspended him, probably with pay, which amounts to a reward in case you are kind of slow: he gets to stay at home and still collect his 5 grand a month or whatever it is he is paid to tackle and batter the people paying his suspension pay. She's paying this assfuck for beating the shit out of her. In fact she was paying him before he beat the shit out of her. and now that he has, she's still paying him. And now he doesnt even have to punch the clock for it. He punched her instead and got a reward.
   There is not a cop in America who will say for the record that this guy is doing anything wrong. They are not saying anything for the record. The "brotherhood of the police" is actually stronger and tighter than the omerta of the mafia. mafia guys rat out other mafia guys all day long. cops rarely do. And when they do they die faster than the rats on the other side of the law. cops kill them.


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