Friday, August 31, 2012

The Pro-Government Paranoids

   The pro-government paranoids are generally right wing people. They are subconciously pro-government even though they are conciously anti government. They are against government but they worship government because American right wingers are convinced that government is an arm of Christ. So under their skins they are pro-government. As is the left, but the left admits it up front. "Yeah, we want the government to take over, and the more ruthless the better." That's the Left's view. The right wants the government to take over but to act "responsibly." Why would anything that "takes over" act responsibly? This is a question that would have absolutely no meaning to a right winger. To a right wing American, government is an arm of the Bible. Which is a living being. The Bible is not a book to "christians," it is a deity. And American government is fashioned after the dictates of the Bible. Why they think this I don't know. And when it comes to government being divinely ordained the Catholics in particular are actually TAUGHT this. They don't just adopt it as a sort of unconscious cultural habit like the "christians" do, it is actually drilled into them. From childhood. "All authority comes from God." This is the most repeated dictum in the entire Roman Catholic mantra of oppressive recitations. "All authority comes from God." Sometimes there will be the alternative "All lawful authority comes from God." It is rare to hear this. But it gets said. And it gets tolerated. It's like when a priest is caught fucking a 14 year old girl instead of a nine year old boy: it gets smirked at but it's not the preferred manner of doing things.
   The pro-government paranoids are convinced that government is capable of weaving convoluted webs of astoundingly subtle intrigue for the purpose getting into the very heads of the people holding this conviction and forcing them to sin, or work for free, or go to jail or....well, it's never really made clear what will happen to the people who see-through the conspiracy once the conspiracy is made manifest and comes to full realization and full power. It's never really clear what happens then. It's enough for them to know that it is underway. Because they see this invisible web of intrigue right before their eyes they are compelled to insist everyone else see it too. This way they won't be crazy. If you can get people to believe your madness then you are not mad. You are a seer. You are a Wise Man. You are a savior. You are Jesus. Satan, actually, wants to be Jesus. Satan is like the guy that killed John Lennon. He wanted to replace John Lennon with himself. To do this John Lennon had to die. And now the killer of John Lennon is john Lennon. At the core of every right wing political paranoid is someone who wants to be Jesus. Not someone who wants to acknowledge Jesus as Jesus but someone who wants to BE Jesus.
   One of my delights in life is - within a few seconds of chit chat with them - is getting right wing paranoids to leap across the space between us to strangle the life out of me. So far not one of them has actually done this. What happens - so far - is that they slam their fists into some inanimate object and then storm away, out of the vicinity, screaming and yelling. I do this by asking them how is it possible that the parts of the government we can SEE can be so fucking assbackwards and totally fucked up and yet, invisibly, they are cleverly conspiring to be operating a clandestine work of sheer genius and coordination and brilliance to "take over the world." Dont they already HAVE the world? "And are these people showing ANY indications of brilliance? Obama, the leader of the free world is a fucking gay muslim idiot, half the supreme court judges dont know what sex they are, Harry Reid is a soulless moron,  the head of Mexico couldnt fuck a chicken properly, Merkle is a socialst, Putin is a sadist, the British Prime minister is a prancing pansy, the Muslims just want to kill everyone alive, the country of Greece wants YOU to pay your taxes to THEM, you as an American have been financing every other country on earth since Woodrow Wilson created the World Government of Idiots - everyone in global politics is a posturing imbecile that would be eliminated in the first round of a fourth grade spelling bee, and you think all these people, who can't operate a fucking post office at a profit, can't pave a road, can't do anything without making you pay them to do it, and then they do it worse than a fucking elephant trying to lick its own ass, you think this herd of dolts and child molesters are operating an interplanetary, inter dimensional conspiracy involving entities from space and the underworld and the corridors of Hell so that YOU will be their slave: is that it? It's YOU and your tremendously vast storehouse of knowledge and wealth that they need to acquire, is that it? Let me tell you something pal, they already have your wealth, they take a cut of every cent you make and spend and they can confiscate the rest of it whenever they decide to you just haven't been arrested yet, and as for your knowledge, I can tell you already that you don't have a shred of it." This usually does it. This usually throws them into a frenzy. Because you are not supposed to say this. What you are supposed to do is hurl yourself into a spin-cycle of terror and apprehension just like the one they live their lives in and which is driving them mad with stupidity. Believe me, by infuriating them you are doing them a favor: fury is a much saner and more relaxing state of emotion than fear and apprehension. And if you can get them that mad at you who knows but someday they - with practice - can get that mad at themselves and maybe make some progress toward sanity.  


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