Wednesday, August 29, 2012

John Rich, Country Genius

    John Rich, a self absorbed country singer who never takes his nigger-hatin' hat off, is in a gay fit about Clay Aiken. You know what the difference between John Rich and Clay Aiken is? Clay Aiken admits he's a faggot. So, the problem was,  Clay Aiken tweets a remark. He said him and a buddy were playing a drinking game; the rule was they had to take a drink every time they saw a negro at the Republican National Convention. In case you are as stupid as John Rich, this is a joke about Republicans. It's not a joke about negroes. John Rich, however, the sole protector of the Negro Race against White Oppression since they can't take care of themselves.....he's all over the place demanding Clay Aiken remove the "tweet." Why someone as manly as John Rich is even reading anything so gay-named as a "tweet," is something only another closet homo would be able to explain.


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